2nd Grand Canal cultural festival opens in Wuxi

Updated: December 21,2020 L M S


Two actors perform Xiju opera at Donglin Academy on Dec 18. [Photo provided to gowuxi.com]

The second Grand Canal cultural festival kicked off on Dec 18 in Donglin Academy, Wuxi, and a new culture and tourism program was launched at the opening ceremony.

The cultural festival, which will run until Dec 24, features a variety of activities, including Xiju opera performances, tea ceremonies, art exhibitions, DIY hair accessories, and archery games.

More than 20 cultural product companies displayed things like lanterns, cushions, scarves, and refrigerator magnets during the opening ceremony.

On the sidelines of the festival, Donglin Academy launched a new program to promote traditional Chinese culture and the tourism industry.

It plans to hold regular academic lectures, art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, and more to provide diverse cultural and recreational opportunities.

As a branch of the Wuxi Library, the academy will also organize book clubs and recitations of Chinese literary classics.

In addition, it will serve as a venue for physical exercises such as tai chi, wushu, and yoga, and offer local delicacies, tea, and coffee.

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