Yangshan Half Marathon to kick off in Wuxi

wuxinews.com.cn| Updated: March 18,2021 L M S

The much-anticipated Yangshan Half Marathon, which was suspended last year due to COVID-19, will kick off on March 28 amidst peach blossom season in the beautiful "honey peach town" of Yangshan, Huishan district, Wuxi.


The Yangshan Half Marathon is set to kick off on March 28 in Yangshan town, Huishan district, Wuxi, according to a news conference held on March 18. [Photo provided to wuxinews.com.cn]

The event, which has been held in Yangshan three times, boasts a rural half marathon authorized by the Chinese Athletic Association to take place in Jiangsu province.

The half marathon spans 21.0975 kilometers and there is also a five-kilometer mini-marathon. Around 5,000 people from Jiangsu province have signed up for the event.


Routes for the 2021 Yangshan Half Marathon feature picturesque landscapes, offering runners an enjoyable experience. [Photo provided to wuxinews.com.cn]

The routes pass through the core area of the Yangshan Ecological Tourism Resort, traversing some of Yangshan's most picturesque areas and featuring modern agriculture, rustic communities, and Jiangnan-style homestays and buildings.

Runners will pass by five characteristic villages with tranquil pastoral scenery, including one with a pink peach forest.


The medal for this year's Yangshan Half Marathon features peach blossoms on both sides. [Photo provided to wuxinews.com.cn]

The Yangshan Half Marathon is part of this year's Yangshan Peach Flower Festival. An extravaganza of activities, including a short video competition, a photographic competition, the national college students' tourism sketch festival, and peach flower viewing activities, will be held during the festival.

Yangshan is a famous peach-growing town and a model for high-efficiency agriculture in Wuxi. Its locally produced honey peaches enjoy a reputation as one of the tastiest fruits in East China and bring in a sufficient income for local farmers.

The marathon will help increase Yangshan's profile and contribute to its rural revitalization efforts, said local authorities.


The marathon routes traverse some of Yangshan's most picturesque areas. [Photo/WeChat account: news-wuxixinwen]