Wuxi promotes tourism as spring arrives

gowuxi.com| Updated: March 29,2021 L M S


A performance of Wuxi opera is staged at the Donglin Academy, Wuxi on March 26. [Photo provided to gowuxi.com]

Colorful flowers in full bloom are appearing everywhere in Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu province as the spring season has fully arrived.

The city launched 14 spring travel events to attract visitors in Donglin Academy on March 26, with themes focusing on flowers, tea, ethnic traditions, and cultural heritages.

The launch ceremony featured wonderful performances of Chinese writing, songs, dance, Wuxi opera, and an ensemble of traditional instruments. Participants also enjoyed the charm of hanfu, a type of traditional Chinese clothing, as well as purple clay and embroidery work. They also made handicrafts with blooming cherry flowers.


Various cultural tourism products are displayed at the Donglin Academy, Wuxi on March 26. [Photo provided to gowuxi.com]

The ongoing annual Wuxi International Cherry Blossom Festival is attracting throngs of tourists to Yuantouzhu Scenic Spot, or Turtle Head Isle, as it has been reputed as the top destination in China for admirers of cherry blossoms.

With over 30,000 cherry trees in full bloom, the event will last until May 5, allowing visitors to enjoy the breathtaking cherry blossoms both during the day and at night.

Here is a list of all the 14 spring travel events in Wuxi.

Yuantouzhu International Cherry Blossom Festival

Location: Yuantouzhu Scenic Spot (Turtle Head Isle)

Time: March 1 – May 5

"Travel of Literary Classics" Cultural Tourism Event

Location: Three Kingdoms Town and Water Margin Town of Wuxi Movie/TV Filming Base

Time: March 20 – May 20

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