Culture and Heritage Day celebration kicks off at Wuxi Museum| Updated: June 15,2021 L M S

The opening ceremony of Jiangsu's Culture and Heritage Day celebration kicked off at the Wuxi Museum in Jiangsu province on June 11. Through photos, cultural relic exhibitions, and performances, the event showcased the province's achievements in preserving cultural relics from the past 100 years.


The photo exhibition entitled Wuxi's Outstanding Characters is underway at the Wuxi Museum on June 11. [Photo/]

During the event, a series of activities showcasing Jiangsu's unique culture gave visitors the chance to learn more about Jiangsu's intangible cultural heritage and see how the province's cultural products are made.


A dough sculptor teaches his craft to a tourist. [Photo/]

During the celebrations, the province will organize more than 300 cultural and tourism activities. Both offline and online exhibitions will reveal the stories behind the cultural relics and showcase the high-quality development of Jiangsu's cultural and creative industries. An integration of culture and tourism will provide people with more opportunities to experience and participate in cultural preservation.


A folk artist specializing in Huishan clay figurines works on his latest piece. [Photo/]