Virtual exhibition: Inside and outside the teapot| Updated: November 22,2021 L M S


A sample of teapot. [Photo/]

Here is an online exhibition called "Inside and Outside the Teapot: Virtual Exhibition of Tea Set, Tea Art, and Oriental Aesthetics."

The interactive exhibition can be found here:

It includes a look at the different types of pots used for tea – gold, silver, copper, iron, Yixing clay, porcelain, jade and stone - and videos on the six major teas and teapot making.


A tea room. [Photo/]

Different teapots have different characteristics, for instance silver is especially suited for slow cooking aged teas (eg pu'er, dark tea) to activate their original flavour. Golden teapots are mainly kept as crafts for display or collection and are seldom used to boil water due to the fast dissipation of heat which could affect the tea's flavour. Iron teapots, regarded as symbols for Chinese culture, are the best choice for boiling water as they can help release the tea's flavour and fragrance, and can soften the water and improve its taste.