Things you should know about taking nucleic acid tests in Wuxi| Updated: February 17, 2022 L M S

"Lingxi" APP - [Nucleic Acid Testing Site]

Instructions for Use

To ensure people are tested nearby and aware of the latest conditions at testing sites, the "Lingxi" app has set up a "Nucleic Acid Testing Site" enquiry link on its homepage. How do you use it? Click here for details!

1. Register and log into the "Lingxi" app and enter the [Nucleic Acid Testing Site]

Search "Lingxi" on the app store or scan the QR code to download the "Lingxi" app

After registering and logging in with your mobile phone number, please click "Nucleic Acid Testing Site" on the homepage.

2. Query Method

Select your location to check the status and availability of the testing site.

Click on the upper right-hand corner to check the queue time.

(For reference only, actual service time is subject to notice on site).

Arrange a time for testing in a reasonable manner.

3. Query for Details

You can check the operating hours, service objects, detailed addresses, charges and other details of the testing site by following the "One-click Guide".


It is recommended that people check the real-time status of nearby nucleic acid testing sites on the "Lingxi" app and pay special attention to the following five things:

1. Crowds

Not too busy (Queue time: ≤25 minutes), busy (Queue time: 25-50 minutes), congested (Queue time: >50 minutes)

2. Operating time

Make sure the site is operating and it's status doesn't say "break". Try to arrive at the site 30 minutes before break time to line up for testing.

3. Open to everyone or not

Look at the "Service Objects" column. If the testing site is marked as testing for employees, testing for students, etc., please switch to another testing site if you don't fall into the designated groups;

If the testing site is marked as "for people coming to Wuxi from other provinces", "for people coming to Wuxi from other cities in Jiangsu province", "for people who are willing to take a nucleic acid test" or "for people who must take a nucleic acid test", it means that the site is open to everybody. You can choose an appropriate site based on your circumstances.

4. Whether it costs money

Look at the "Charge or not" column. This will tell you whether or not you need to pay for the test.

5. Allow One-click Guide

There is a purple "Guide" button at the bottom of the details page of each testing site. Please click on it to allow the "One-click guide".


Before being tested, please prepare your ID card and cooperate with inspections of Health Codes and Travel History Codes.

All personnel to be tested must wear masks throughout the entire process, maintain a safe distance of more than one meter from others, queue up properly without cutting, and not talk or congregate.

If you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and sore throat, please visit the Fever Clinic of an official hospital or a designated medical institution for treatment immediately, and truthfully report your personal travel history. Please wear a mask throughout the entirety of the visit, and try to avoid taking public transport.

The following people must receive a nucleic acid test:

Those returning to Wuxi who work at places such as schools, enterprises with a large number of migrant workers, medical institutions, elderly care welfare institutions, and supervision sites must present a negative nucleic acid test certificate issued within 48 hours, and must conduct a nucleic acid test after returning to Wuxi (there should be an interval of 24 hours between two nucleic acid tests).

Those traveling to Wuxi from other provinces must have a negative nucleic acid test certificate issued within 48 hours, and must take one nucleic acid test within 12 hours of arriving and one test within seven days of arriving in Wuxi.

Personnel who work at high-risk positions in imported goods-related enterprises must wear personal protection, conduct daily health monitoring, and take one nucleic acid test every two days, and other personnel in imported goods-related enterprises must take a nucleic acid test once a month (or every two weeks if necessary).

Those traveling to Wuxi from epidemic-affected areas must cooperate with nucleic acid testing work in accordance with the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control of Wuxi municipality.

Wear masks properly

Practice social distancing

Maintain personal hygiene

Wuxi Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

February 14, 2022

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