Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival at Wuxi scenic spots

wuxinews.com.cn| Updated: June 1,2022 L M S


Zongzi-shaped clay figurines at ancient Huishan town. [Photo/WeChat account: wuxishilvyouju]

Various scenic spots in Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu province, will hold various activities to celebrate the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival holiday, which lasts from June 3 to 5 this year.

Visitors can try making zongzi, zongzi-shaped clay figurines, and the city's other intangible cultural heritage items in ancient Huishan town while admiring breathtaking summer views.


Blooming lavender at Xuelang Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account: wuxishilvyouju]

Students and their parents are welcome to visit the Lingshan Mountain scenic area to pray for good examination results and experience folk customs related to the Dragon Boat Festival, including making scented sachets, tying five-color threads, and playing pitch-pot games.

Jiulongwan, Shangtian Town, and Xuelang Mountain scenic areas are gifting colorful flowers to visitors.


Nanchang Street lights up at night. [Photo/WeChat account: wuxishilvyouju]

Liangxi district will invite local residents to tour its four most popular scenic spots – Xiaolou Lane, Donglin Academy, Xiju Opera Museum and Nanchang Street – during the three-day holiday.