Jiangyin hosts annual tourism festival

gowuxi.com| Updated: June 21,2022 L M S


The 17th China Xu Xiake International Tourism Festival kicks off in Jiangyin on June 17. [Photo/WeChat account: wuxishilvyouju]

The 17th China Xu Xiake International Tourism Festival kicked off on June 17 on Zhongyi Street in Jiangyin, known as the hometown of Xu Xiake.

Xu Xiake, dubbed the Saint of Travel, was a Chinese travel writer and geographer who lived during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), best known for his famous geographical treatise and noted for his bravery and humility. He traveled around China for more than 30 years, documenting his travels extensively.

A series of events will be held during the tourism festival, including a feast, a photography exhibition of city views, a cultural and tourism product fair, and promotional events on cars and tourism-related products.

Jiangyin has been developing its tourism industry since the 1990s, making it an excellent national tourism city and an international rural tourism destination. In 2021, the city's total tourism revenue reached 31.83 billion yuan ($4.75 billion).


The tourism festival introduces various local delicacies to visitors. [Photo/WeChat account: wuxishilvyouju]


People take part in activities of the China Xu Xiake International Tourism Festival in Jiangyin. [Photo/WeChat account: wuxishilvyouju]