An open letter to foreign friends in Wuxi

Foreign Affairs Office| Updated: July 12, 2022 L M S

Dear foreign friends in Wuxi,

Thank you for your contributions to the social and economic development of Wuxi! Wuxi is currently experiencing confirmed Covid-19 cases resulting from infected people traveling from other places, and the whole city has responded immediately and handled the situation in a timely manner. However, there is still uncertainty about the epidemic and we are facing severe and complex challenges. In order to effectively apply epidemic prevention and control measures, block the spread of Covid-19, and strive to contain the epidemic as quickly as possible, we call for your and all Wuxi citizens' support and participation. To strengthen our Covid-19 response endeavors and safeguard the health and safety of you and your family, here are some friendly reminders:

1. Support the Covid-19 response measures. Currently, Wuxi is conducting epidemiological investigation and source tracing, personnel screening and management, antigen self-testing, nucleic acid testing, and management and disinfection of key places. Once a confirmed case or asymptomatic carrier is identified, the Disease Prevention and Control Department will conduct epidemiological investigation and disinfection of relevant places. Please cooperate with government staff, community workers and medical staff when they contact you for more information.

2. Obey the epidemic prevention and control regulations. Please abide by the relevant requirements of Wuxi's Covid-19 response while staying in Wuxi, follow the epidemic situation closely, encourage others to protect themselves and others, strictly adhere to the requirements of "staying indoors" in high-risk areas and "staying within residential quarters" in medium-risk areas, follow the management of the community and the employer, and cooperate with control measures and the examination at railway stations, airports and expressway entries.

3. Take daily personal protection and precautionary measures. Please wear disposable medical face masks, wash your hands often, breath in fresh air when possible and maintain social distancing. Please monitor your personal health status and take the initiative to take antigen self-tests and nucleic acid tests. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, hyposmia or diarrhea, please report to your residential community and seek medical help at a nearby fever clinic with proper self-protection measures. If your health code turns red or yellow, please do not panic or go out. Report to your residential community immediately or consult staff on site and cooperate with relevant prevention and control measures.

4. Follow official notices. Please follow the official WeChat account "无锡发布" (wuxifabu2013) and "无锡外事驿站" (wuxifao), as well as the official media outlets of the city, county or district where you live to stay informed of the latest official news regarding the epidemic. We should deal with the epidemic in a science-based and rational way and never fabricate, believe, or spread rumors.

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Dear foreign friends, let's work together, actively support and cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work to defeat the virus. Thanks for your understanding, support and cooperation for Wuxi's Covid-19 response! We wish you good health and every success!

Foreign Affairs Office of Wuxi

Municipal People's Government

July 8, 2022