Sauced Spare Ribs is the unique skill at the banquets of Wuxi. Even before it was showcased in the documentary A Bite of China, the Sauced Spare Ribs was one of the three renowned products of Wuxi. It's now 140 years since it was created during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. After generations of improvement of the Sauced Spare Ribs, different brands such as “Sanfengqiao”, “Laosanzhen” and “Lugaojian” have come up. It is said that it's now in the 7th generation of the successors for the time-honored brand of Sauced Spare Ribs. Once you have the first bite of the Sauced Spare Ribs, its taste will remain in your memory, subverting all your understanding of meat. The salty and sweet taste of thick sauce can activate the original greasy fragrance of meat, the stewed marbled pork can have the delicate taste of goose liver, and the glutinous ribs with rich sauce can fully awake one’s taste buds.