• Wuxi Ribs

  • Wuxi Small Steamed Buns

  • Egg and Green Onion Pancake

  • Fried Silver Fish with Eggs

  • Oil Gluten Stuffed with Pork

  • The First Dish in the World

  • Mognolia Pancake

  • Sweet Osmanthus Taro

  • Traced back to the reign of Guangxu Emperor in Qing Dynasty, Wuxi ribs, also known as Wuxi bones-in meat, is one of the local traditional dishes. For more than 100 years, it has always been favored by the locals with its special cooking method and tender texture.Tips:Features: oily but not greasy, soft and tasty, proper sweet and salty.Recommended shop: Sanfeng Restaurant
If you miss the flavor of the south of Yangtze River, come and visit Wuxi, where “Good Taste in Wuxi” presents 58 famous snacks and dishes and 68 famed shops in 2017 selection. Those authentic traditional tastes of Wuxi, Jiangyin and Yixing and century-old shops will offer you a wonderful tongue trip in this fall.