• Cycling Around Taihu Lake: a free bicycle trip

  • Canoeing: strength and beauty

  • On-water Cycling: cycling on water

  • Junzhang Mountain: hiking through the wild forests and fields in south of the Yangtze River

  • Hailan Saddle Club: dance elegantly with horses

  • One person and one bicycle make a trip without plan, or rather, a cycling without plan. The Taihu Lake, one of the most lovely places in China, presenting a delightful view with surrounding hills, is the dream place for cycling lovers. Driving is fast, walking is slow, and cycling is the best way to appreciate the landscapes.Taihu Lake International Road Cycling Race launched on Oct. 10th is one of the top 4 pro cycling races in China. It is a nice alternative to enjoy a wonderful lakeside time if you miss the race.

    We need more healthy and natural tour. In recent years, sports contests or activities have been introduced into some scenic spot in Wuxi, which enrich the tour experience with the combination of factors including mountains, rivers and sports. You can do mountain climbing, road cycling, dragon boat rowing, canoeing or sailing, which are good options to relief pressure. It is time to enjoy the beauty of trip in this fall.