From winter to early spring, thousands of plum trees in Plum Garden are competing with each other with blossoms as white as snow and as red as apricot. countless plum flowers are woven into pink gorgeous clouds,  walking among which we are like being in the beautiful a fragrant jade garden.There are more than 30 plum trees in Wuxi Plum Garden as the largest plum ornamental garden in Wuxi. There are more than 30 of early plum, mid plum and late plum, and main varieties are Suxin plum, Xinkou plum, He plum, Yuguan, Zaohong and so on. In December, the plum has entered the first stage of early flowering. Visitors can enjoy the plum blossoms in the surrounding area of Gumeqishi Garden, Plum Orchard Garden of North Garden and Landscape Avenue. Plum Orchard Garden brings together more than 200 large-scale trees of more than 30 years old, and some are over 50 years old, of which the largest one is up to 5 meters. From early flowers to late flowers, the ornamental period can last until February of the following year.Tips:Address: No. 13, Bianjia Bay, Liangxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi CityTicket: 75 YuanOpening hours: 06: 00-18: 00Reminder: After climbing the summit you can see the whole panorama, and the garden is not large, so you can finish it with half a day.
As the winter comes, everything enters into hibernation complying with harvesting in autumn and storing of grain in winter. In the season of withered flowers, only the plum blossoms grow up. In cold wind and snow, plum blossoms are more energetic and delicate.Plum appreciating is divided into three stages, plum exploring, plum appreciating and plum meeting. Plum exploring means that plum blossoms are half open with plum buds to come out, which is the best time to draw and take photos of plum blossoms; plum appreciating means that plum blossoms are totally open with refreshing smelling; plum meeting means that plum blossoms fade (also take its homonym to show thanks to plum for giving us fragrance.Plum is the city flower of Wuxi with a noble nature. Although the winter is cold, the fragrance and pride is worthy of going out for appreciating.