In the dry winter, if you want to preserve health and keep out the cold, you had better soak in the hot spring. By leaving your body to the hot spring, and your eyes and heart to the beautiful scenery, a breath of air will be fresh and warm.1.A Little House of Bathing Field: a courtyard with a poolThe Little House of Bathing Field, hidden in the mountain of Yangshan, appears especially low profile, to the extent that if you blinks your eyes or turns around, you perhaps will pass the exquisite and secluded lodge unrecognized.From last October, when it opened up, to now, Little Construction of Bathing Field   has gradually formed the pattern of 14 characteristic houses. Apart from retaining the primitive pastoral atmosphere of Yangshan, the owner of the house also integrates Japanese style into the house. Relying on the volcanic hot spring richly endowed by nature, the life scene of a house, a courtyard, a hot spring bathing pool has been created. With the retention pond and ground heating facility meticulously built by the owner, you will not feel cold bathing in outdoor volcanic hot spring even in winter. Take off the coat in wooded mountain casually, in company with the hot spring, you will discard earthly annoyance.Tips:Address: No. 88, Baifeng Road, Yangshan Ecological and Leisure Resort, Huishan District, WuxiTel: 1881997818Characteristic: 1. Each house is equipped with outdoor volcanic hot spring2. Characteristic activity will be held each month, adapting to group tourism, parent – offspring travel and exhibitions. Experience of cultural product will be offered in the future2.Oriental pastoral: peach blossom spring in the Peach GardenGo to the pastoral with a longing heart. Oriental pastoral at the foot of Yangshan is like a secluded Peach Garden, where ecological custom is revered and leisure permeates. When incorporating the pure natural landscape, it fully utilizes the hundreds of millions years old precious volcanic hot spring, to create the fairyland – like “Peach Blossom Spring” in the peach forest spreading over 6000 mu ( a unit of area ).It is the only one volcanic hot spring with a hundred million years of age in East China. The sediment of volcanic ash endows the soil of Yangshan with unique microelement. When the hot spring water flows over the skin, you will have the unforgettable and warm enjoyment in the whole winter. Then, you can experience the thin fluosilicic acid hot spring, and in any one of six sulphur springs, enjoying the efficacy of dispersing cold, expelling toxin and activating energy flow in the channels and collaterals. In addition, there are a range of activities like Feng Tea, movie on hot spring, overwater tray, and regular diagnostic service by veteran practitioner of TCM. Soaked in the hot spring pool in winter, you can quietly experience physical and mental enjoyment.Tips:Address: Taoxi Road, Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi  ( in Oriental Pastoral Resort )Tel: 0512-88994488Opening hour: 17:00-22:003. Withdraw from society and live secluded in Peach Garden House: A collection of time at the foot of volcanoMany of those having visited here said that it is a Peach Garden in the real world. There is a peach – themed hotel reconstructed from a museum, modestly retaining the elegant charm of the little town in regions south of Yangzi River. In a place with landscape of seclusion aesthetics, coming here, you will get rid of all pressure. Possessing the relic of volcano of hundreds of millions years of age, it has had 5 bathing ponds deeply dug, introduced volcano five –elements hot jar health - preserving experience, provided specialized fuming and steaming physical therapy service, allowing you to preserve health and have relaxation in hot spring.Tips:Address: inside Peach Culture Museum, Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi  ( Taoyuan South Road )Tel: 0510-83695111Characteristic: traditional Chinese style private garden, where Chinese calligraphy can be practiced and game of go can be played. When checking out, people can be presented with health – preserving present4. Huameida cherry blossom hot spring: be intoxicated in Japanese styleIt is an exquisite and elegant courtyard in design of regions of south of Yangzi River. As soon as you step into Huameida hot spring, the place is draped in a veil of mist, and the fragrance of cherry blossom will greet your nostril. One after another ponds are hidden in the shady overlapped trees, with hot spring trickling sluggishly and water vapour rising, it seems people and pond are integrated together.Among the 31 hot spring ponds in the hotel, any one can bring you the relaxation and enjoyment inside out. There is the isatis root medical bath spring, which can prevent against cold, eliminate fatigue, and enhance immunity. There is the flower fragrance bath, which can improve looks and skin, deter senility. There is hot spring added with skin – beautifying red wine. These are well received by people.Appreciation of beautiful scenery and bathing in hot spring. When the dusk descends, people can appreciate a performance A Dream to Southern China, under the curtain of mountain and on the stage of water, so as to experience the outdoor landscape performance in zero distance, feeling the unique atmosphere of Jiangsu and Zhejiang culture. It will be a fruitful journey.Tip:Address: inside hotel of Huameida Plaza, Wuxi, No. 589, Wuyun Road, Huishan District, WuxiCost: 118 / yuan / personTel: 0510-83590718  Please call to reserve the performance one day in advanceCharacteristic: intimate fish pedicure, red wine pond, high temperature isatis root medical bath pond, free fruit and Tremella soup