Yulan Cake

Dated from Daoguang period, this Wuxi original snack is named after mangnolia. The crisp skin, soft and waxy stuffing, sweet and salty, have become a number of Wuxi locals’ favorite.
Yulan cake is peculiar to Wuxi, with a history of more than 160 year. The first reaction to its name would be a dessert of flower shape. Actually, it is more like a large sweet meatball and taste very enjoyable—the crisp golden yellow skin, and soft and tight-knit glutinous rice fillings.
Tourists would usually love Yulan cake at first sight on the food plaza outside Nan Chan Temple. In fact, you can find it in nearly every snack shop in Wuxi.

Yulan cake DIY

To clean and soak glutinous rice (12 hours in winter, and 8 hours in summer), and grind into water mill powder. Or you can buy the ready-made grinding powder in the supermarket.
To add a little flour in the hot water to make boiled pulp, and knead the cool pulp into the grinding powder. When it is done, please make round wrapper out of it..
To put the fresh meat, bean paste, or rose sugar in the wrapper, close up and put it upside down. Then please press it into round pie, that is, the prototype of Yulan cake.
To put it into the pan, add oil (to the half height of cake) and fry it golden on both sides .


Mao Hua Yulan cake

It is a time-honored brand, and its pan-fried buns are excellent and tasty. There are two shops:

Old shop address: Zhen Xin Road Market, No. 252, Zhen Xin Road

Tele: 0510-82858806

New branch address: No. 80-2, Qing Yang Road (opposite to Carrefour)

Tele: 0510-85025153 0510-88651777

Tian Fu Yuan Hotel

Although Yulan cake is everywhere in Wuxi, only Tian Fu Yuan can match with Mao Hua Yulan cake in quality. Besides, scallop king, turbot, and three treasures stewed with chicken juice are also the best here.

Address: No. 19-2, Chong Ning Road, Wuxi

Tele: 051082767788

Mu Guiying Food Court

Mu Guiying pastry shop founded in 1958 is the predecessor of Mu Guiying Food Court. Here gathers River South flavor snacks with a strong local characteristic, delicious and inexpensive traditional cake regiment, and lovely desserts which have won many gold awards.

Address: Zijin Square, Nan Chan Temple, Nan Chang Street, Nan

Chang District, Wuxi (Yongfeng crossing)

Tele: 0510-82821987