Sugar Taro

Lately, “A Bite of China” 2nd Season released a trailer, in which sugar taro was introduced as the most authentic Wuxi dessert. In the early autumn, Wuxi people begin to enjoy it. The crisp, soft taro with purple romance slides into the mouth. Just a small bowl will make it so hard for you to stop.
To make a bowl of delicious sweet osmanthus taro, it’s had better to choose the local high-quality taro, braise it soft and then add brown sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus. In addition, a bit of dietary alkali can be put to help the soup present a glittering and translucent warm red and purple.


To prevent finger itching from the taro mucus in peeling, you should wash hands with vinegar first. If you already feel itching, please wash hands in warm water or heat hands over oven. As alternatives, you can also use lemon or orange peels to clean hands.


Junlai•Hubin Hotel

Address: No. 1, Lake Road, Binhu District, Wuxi

Fengshou Cake Regiment

Address: City park, Pedestrian street, Chong’an Temple (near Giok Hong Tian)

Three-Feng Restaurant

Address: No. 240, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an District