Water fried gluten puffs

Invented in Xianfeng Period, the gold shiny gluten is round and cute, and it has a history of more than 250 years.
Wuxi fried gluten puffs are the most prestigious among River South, although gluten can be seen all over here. Smooth, fragrant, crispy, gluten is so tasty, containing much vitamin and protein. Being a fixture of dining tables, it can match with meat and vegetable, and it can be fried or sprinkled in soup.
Talking about the most classic, meat stuffed gluten is absolutely the best. A bowl of meat stuffed gluten can surely be found in every family reunion or festival.

● In market, two fried gluten varieties are common. The spindle one is more delicate, and the spherical one is more solid, like thickly winding ropes. Please pay attention here. Fried gluten is shelf stable, but it is not advisable to store it in summer.


“Pine crane” water fried gluten puffs

It is a household brand, and Wuxi elderly people’s favorite. Beside the south stairway on 2nd floor of Chaoyang vegetable market in Wuxi, there is a food factory established exclusive shop. In addition, you can find it in big supermarkets in Wuxi.

Wuxi Grand Hotel

Meat stuffed gluten is the specialty here. Fried gluten puffs filled with chopped meat are mixed with soup-stock, and then steamed through or braised with the sauce containing oil, salt, and sugar. In either way, your nostrils will be stung, and you can never be tired of it.