Steamed Juicy Meat Buns

Wuxi locals also call it steamed bun. The traditional Wuxi snack has a 100-year history. Wuxi residents as well as locals in Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou are obsessed with its thin skin and full stuffing.
Taking skin jelly, thin pork, plain flour and other superior raw materials as the major ingredients, it can preserve the perfect appearance when picked up or rolled over. A sucking gives mouthful gravy, fresh and not greasy. Without flour ferment, Wuxi steamed juicy meat bun skin is thin, complete and chewy.
In crab season, the boiled crab roe oil is filled in the stuffing, then “steamed crab meat bun” makes the grand debut. Take a bite, and enjoy the mouthful fresh and palatable.

Operation steps

● To pick up the bun in a saucer, please careful enough to avoid the skin breaking.
● To make a small bite in the side face, and blow to cool it slightly.
● To suck the broth.
● To take the stuffing and skin together.


Xi Sheng Yuan

Type in “Xi Sheng Yuan”, you can find the positive evaluation beyond imagination. There is a saying, “Outlanders go to Wang Xing Ji, and Wuxi locals eat Xi Sheng Yuan”. Many praises go for its sweet but not greasy taste, sufficient broth, and thin and chewy. You will always find the lining up in Xi Sheng Yuan in the morning, and it is closed early in the afternoon. You can’t miss it, so yummy.
Address: No. 112-5, Pedestrian street, Nan Chan Temple, Wuxi (near Xiangyang Road)
Tele: 0510-82230037

Wang Xing Ji

Wang Xing Ji is a 100-year-old name, created in Qing Dynasty, crystal, complete, with exactly 20 folds. After generations of chefs’ researches and improvement, its flavor is more outstanding, sweet and salty combined perfectly.
Of course, steamed crab meat bun is Wang Xing Ji’s best specialty. But this seasonal snack can only be enjoyed in fall and winter.
Address: No. 223, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an District, Wuxi (near Xue Qian Dong Road)
Tele: 0510-82726484

Yi Qin Yuan

Yi Qin Yuan steamed buns follow the traditional procedure in rolling, kneading and stuffing, with a yellow-white color, which lies in the added original wheat flour.
The making technique here is different as well. When the buns are done, you will find that there is no bump on the top, and the steamed crab meat buns are made with an opening on top. The time is exactly 8 minutes, and everything is meant to recover all the traditional crafts.
Address: Cadre’s sanitarium, military subarea, Beitang District (near ancient town, Huishan)
Tele: 15852847111、18001519005

Lu Zhuang Chao Wang Ji

You can feel its aggressiveness from the name, and it is considered one of
the authentic tastes in Wuxi. Since the bun skins are super thin, people
can suck the broth directly, not too sweet, tight, chewy, and fresh. It’s
superb and excellent!

Address: No. 167, Xian Qian Dong Street, Chong’an District, Wuxi
Tele: 0510-82730277