Taihu Lake cruise snacks

verge of extinction. Taihu lake cruise snacks are more and more precious these days, which have been listed as the state banquet snack.
Originated from Ming Dynasty, Taihu lake cruise snacks are the chefs’ improvised works, mostly with rice flour and flour, in the images of animals and plants, steamed, which can be tasted as well as appreciated.
“Mu Guiying” Taihu lake cruise snacks have declared for the first batch intangible cultural heritages of Wuxi. Wuxi special white japonica, Xiangjing glutinous, and blood glutinous are dried and grinded into fine white powder, which is used to make delicate snacks with fish or lotus paste. It’s highly advised to row a boat on a sunny afternoon, and enjoy the retro and modern “Wuxi style afternoon tea”.

● For the snack fillings, there are sweet rose, bean paste, syrup and jujube paste, and salty ham, onion oil and chicken. Generally speaking, salty stuffing is for animal-related snacks, and sweet fillings are for other kinds of snacks.


Mu Guiying

Mu Guiying” Taihu Lake cruise snacks are presided and managed by master Ni Borong. There are cute dough modeling—panda, rabbit, pumpkin and birthday peach. Besides, fish ravioli, shrimp meat sold, ginseng dragon eye cake, and “eight-treasure” rice pudding with lotus leaf are also served, with more delicate preparing than the usual snacks.
Address: Zijin Square, Nan Chan Temple, Nan Chang Street, Nan
Chang District, Wuxi (Yongfeng crossing)
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