You can find noodle shops nearly everywhere in Wuxi. At the meal time, noodle shops are always most popular. Wuxi silver filaments give great priority to ingredients and operation procedures, put egg white into the refined flour and knead it into the snowflake cotton-like flour. In this way, the noodles are silver white, silky thin, soft and smooth, chewy and resilient. In addition, they are not easily to paste in the pot.
For a bowl of noodle, the soup is the cook’s crucial secret. The recipe lies in the ingredient types, proportion, order, and time. In some shops, a bowl of clear soup sells 8 yuan, and in other shops, it is 4 yuan. The noodles are the same, but the soup is different.

● “Take in the morning” and “just ready” are the popular practices. “Take in the morning” refers to the first bowl of noodle at six in the early morning, and “just ready” means that the noodles are to be boiled just cooked, and even one second longer is not allowed.
● When the noodle cooked with right temperature is served, the professional diners will stir a few times upward, to soak all the noodles in soup, and to cool the noodles to maintain the chewy.


Hongyun abalone and shark’s fin noodle restaurant

The noodle soup here is excellent, stewed from the evening to the next morning. Hua Diao Wine and ginger are put before removed, with outstanding freshness. Taskebap and braised pig’s feet gravy, which is made after 4-5 hours’ cooking, are also added in the red soup. You can taste the savoury and mellow meat from every bite of soup.

Address: Hong Yun Hotel, No. 317, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an
District, Wuxi (Hou Xi Xi crossing)
Tele: 0510-82737557

Gong Bei Lou

The time-honored restaurant is renowned in Jiangsu and Zhejiang for noodles and steamed juicy meat buns.

Address: No. 2128, Huangting Square, Chong’an Temple Pedestrian Street, Chong’an District, Wuxi
Tele: 0510-82711777
Bus line: Take Bus 11, 12, 15, 19, 23, 24, 27, get off at Nan Chan
Temples Station.