Sauce spare ribs

Even before it appears in “A Bite of China”, Wuxi sauce spare rib has been listed as one of the three Wuxi specialties. Wuxi locals affectionately call it “meat bone”, which is 140 years old since Guangxu period, Qing Dynasty.
Water fried gluten puffs, sauce spare rib, and Huishan clay Alfred in Wuxi are three specialties, among which meat bones are seen as the most representative gourmet, with its thick sweet taste of great reputation.
Wuxi sauce spare rib incisively and vividly present Wuxi’s basic dish style-fine material, careful cooking, red color, crisp and soft meat, strong bone incense, thick juice, and bright salty-sweet taste.


Firstly, the “San Jia Jing” spare ribs should be the material.
Secondly, seasonings should include quality soybean sauce, soft sugar, yellow rice wine, scallion, ginger, fennel, clove, and cinnamon.
Thirdly, the strict operation should be ensured. For 100 tons of raw meat bones, 6 kilograms soybean sauce, 1.5 kilograms sugar and 1.5 kilograms yellow rice wine are to be added, with slow fire for two hours. In the end, only 32 kilograms Wuxi sauce spare ribs can be made.


Three-Feng Bridge sauce spare ribs

The time-honored restaurant is always crowded. The most mysterious part is a jar of years’ standing liquid. It is said that a portion of sauce would be kept every day for the next day’s ribs. Day after day, its unique taste has been formed.
Address: No. 240, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an District (Commerial Building)

Junlai•Hubin Restaurant

Hubin Restaurant specialty “Wuxi Meat Bones” has made some improvements-reducing the sugar amount, and choosing higher quality lean meat. Popular with domestic and international gourmets, it has become a piece of gold signboard.
Address: No. 1, Lake Road, Binhu District, Wuxi

Lao Lu Gao Jian

Another old brand, it has many branch restaurants and it is a perfect place for the sumptuous meal. Chicken wings, braised pig knuckle in brown sauce, and spiced dried bean curd are recommended here.
Railway station branch address: Wuxi railway station, No. 1, Station road, Chong’an District
Yuexiu branch address: No. 6-52, Yuexiu park, Binhu District

Wang Yu Xing Meat Restaurant

As one of Wuxi’s time-honored brands and Nan Men old restaurants, its honeydew meat bones which is cooked on the spot has traditionally been Wuxi people’s favorite.
Address: Food court, Nan Men Tou, Nan Chan Temple, Nan Chang District (near Wang Xing Ji)