Liangxi crispy fried eel

Liangxi is another name of Wuxi, and the crispy fried eel is the standing ship dish on Taihu Lake cruise. Gradually, it is called Liangxi crispy fried eel. It has a history of 100 years since the creation in Qing Dynasty.
Live eels should be chosen, with bones removed and strips on bodies. Twice fries are to be given to make the crispy eels. The ready strips look shiny and dark brown. Then a variety of spices are stewed to make the thick gravy, sweet and salty. Among so many eel cuisines in China, Liangxi crispy fried eel requires the most time, energy and materials, although it can only be counted as a cold dish.
According to the traditional procedure to put it in plate, the strips are to be picked up to intersect, to build an off-contact aerial “pagoda”. Besides, a handful shredded ginger is to be put on the top, light yellow with dark brown, creating the aesthetic color, and the ginger spice can answer its greasy, as well.

● The eel meat is needed to be fried in hot oil to exhaust the inner water. In this way, the eel strips will be crisp and resilient, and it can preserve well for days.


Wuxi Grand Hotel

As the shoot location of “A Bite of China”, the Wuxi cuisine here is a sign and example for Wuxi catering.

Address: No. 1, Liangqing Road, Binhu District, Wuxi (near Lianjie Road)
Tele: 0510-85806789

Ju Feng Yuan Hotel

Founded in 1867, it has long enjoyed a good reputation in Shanghai-Nanjing railway and Southeast Asia. It is the only century-old hotel featuring in the authentic Wuxi cuisine in this city.

Address: Shang Ma Dun Road, Chong’an District (near Zhenfen Road) Tele: 0510-85687799

Wuxi China Hotel

The hotel’s fine materials and dainty operation make it the representative of Wuxi cuisine, with the characteristic flavor of River South. Liangxi crispy fried eel here is extremely famous, listed as the traditional dish.

Address: No. 18, Gongyun Road, Chong’an District, Wuxi (near the railway station, and Xing Yuan North Road)
Tele: 0510-81808888

Three-Feng Restaurant

Wuxi Three-Feng Restaurant’s sauce spare rib and Liangxi crispy fried eel are known to all. To taste the authentic traditional Wuxi flavor, you may wait outside the door for a long time.

Address: No. 240, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an District, Wuxi
Tele: 0510-82700605