Turtle Head Isle is named after its unique topographic features: a land surrounded on three sides by water, seeming like the head of a huge Asian giant softshell turtle stretching out of the water. Here, you may enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the Taihu Lake.
You should not miss the beauty of any season. There are sakura in full bloom in spring, vast green waves in summer, beautiful fallen leaves in autumn and tree branches covered by frost and snow in winter. The mist-covered Taihu Lake is especially amazing. The lake and mountain under the light of the setting sun and the fishermen's songs at night always create a poetic atmosphere.

Travel guides

Self-driving routes:Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway-East Exit in Wuxi-Taihu Road-Lixi Road-Baojie Bridge-Chongshan Gate of Turtle Head Isle Scenic Area
By bus:
>Line K1: Railway Station-Chongshan Gate of Turtle Head Isle Scenic Area (Front Entrance); 5:30-18:20
>Line K87: Railway Station-Dushan Gate of Turtle Head Isle Scenic Area; 7:20-17:00


Yuanzhuchuntao Scenic

Here, the mountain and forest indistinctly show up; the lighthouse  quietly sits at the bank of the lake; the island stands in the distance;  sound of waves hitting the stone can be heard. There are many scenic areas on the bank of the lake, demonstrating the history of area. It is the essential park of the Turtle Head Isle Scenic Area. Many pictures about the Taihu Lake were taken here.

The Secluded Scenery

It boasts wonderful natural landscape with trees, flowers and grass. There are many ancient trees. Birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers are found everywhere. It has the Taihu Lake Botanical Garden. The scenery of autumn is especially attractive. There are a great variety of plants. In cold season with autumn wind, it is very quiet, only with a few of visitors.

The Long Fragrant Path

It is near the top of the Luding Mountain. It is a stone walk path surrounded by lush trees. There is a pond near it. Here, you may enjoy beautiful natural scenery in the mountain, which looks like pictures.

The Fairy Island

It will be a good experience to take a sightseeing boat at the Turtle Head Isle Dock to enjoy the scenery of the Taihu Lake. There are the 72 Peaks of the Taihu Lake and the Navy Camp of Wu Kingdom of the Studios of the Three Kingdoms. You may get on the Fairy Island in the lake to enjoy the combined scenery of the mountains and the water. It will be especially impressive.