Living in Mountains
Mashan Scenic Area

Mashan Taihu National Tourism Holiday Resort incorporates the natural and cultural landscapes: 57 peaks, 41 streams, 38 bays, over 460 kinds of plants (with the green coverage ratio of 46%), more than 100 kinds of animals, Taihu Lake “three whites” (whitebait, white fish, and white shrimp), well-recognized tea, red bayberry, and taro, and 56 historical monuments.

Located in the north of Taihu Lake, Mashan Scenic Area faces south, surrounded by the lake in three sides. The clear air blew from the lake surface with the area of 36 thousand hectares contains the negative oxygen ions hundreds times of that in surrounding cities, enjoying the title of “landscape oxygen bar”. Besides, the local people have been paying attention to the environmental protection for thousands of years, and Mashan district is regarded as a rare land with “clean earth, pure water, and clear sky”.  

Hotel Recommendation

Lingshan Vihara

Doubletree by Hilton Resort, Wuxi Lingshan is located on the shore of Taihu Lake, leaning against the solemn Lingshan Buddha. Surrounded by the breathtaking landscape, it constructs a small town for meditation, and you and your family can enjoy the tranquility of returning to nature.

Address: No. 8, Guzhu Road, Binhu District

Dragon Mountain Forest Park

Tourists can pay a visit to Dragon Mountain Forest Park if they want to live in mountains and avoid going out of the city.

Located in the south of Yixing, Dragon Mountain Forest Park is the largest urban forest park in the region including Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou. It covers an area of 550 hectares, with the forest coverage rate of 95%. You can appreciate the picturesque lake and mountain, exquisitely designed pavilions, dense vegetation, and excellent ecological environment all the year round.

Hotel Recommendation

Howard Johnson Garden Plaza  

Only two kilometers from Dragon Mountain Forest Park, the hotel is made up of two conjoined buildings—hotel buildingand apartment building. There are altogether 220 guest rooms and suites in the hotel building, equipped with the separate club floor rooms and a business center. A wide variety of specialty catering can be found in restaurants and lounges.

Address: No. 109, Taodu Road, Yixing

Xuelang Mountain Scenic Spot

With another name of Heng Shan, Xuelang Mountain is to the west of Suzhou, and to the north of Taihu Lake, named for Xuelang Nunnery on the top built in Song Dynasty. With the main peak of 146 meters, it is located in Xinan western mountains, 15 kilometers to the center of Wuxi.

Xuelang Mountain Scenic Spot covers an area of 233 hectares, made up of the agricultural ecology landscape and historical human landscape, including ten scenic regions and dozens of spots. Agricultural ecology landscapes consist of Facing the sun fruits, Langshan Mountain lake, modern agriculture demonstration, Xuelang tribute tea and Xuelang maple.Historical human landscapes include Royal Teahouse, Jiang Zi Academy, Number One Scholar series, Fairy cave and Heng Shan Temple and so on.

Hotel Recommendation

Scholars Hotel

Wuxi Scholars Hotel is characterized with the decoration taking Wu culture as the theme. Within the hotel are town of pavilions and small bridges, where guests place themselves in poetic illusion and regions of rivers and lakes. The great spirit of traditional culture is revealed.  

Address: No. 899, Zhenze Road, Binhu District (opposite to Jiang Da South Gate)

Zhu Hai Scenic Spot in Yixing

Situated in the southern mountainous area of Yixing, the intersection of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province, Zhu Hai Scenic Spot in Yixing, the national 4A level tourist attraction is a national scenic area as well as a provincial forest park.

Yixing abounds with bamboo, and it has been called sea of bamboosince ancient times. In every day and every season, the picturesque scenery is fabulous. Main attractions are First Source of Taihu Lake, First Peak in South of Jiangsu, Bamboo for Peace, Mirror Lake and Beautiful Scenery, Walking over Ripples on Rope Bridge, Silence in Temple, Bamboo Forest and Waterfall, Jade Corridor, Suspending Plank Road, and so on.

In every August to November, “freshwater jellyfish,a coelenterate which existed 1.5 billion years ago, can be seen in the mirror lake. Because of its rarity, it is known as the giant panda in water.

Hotel Recommendation

Jin Ling Zhu Hai Hotel

Jin Ling Zhu Hai is a luxury resort hotel integrating conference, business, leisure, vacation, dining and entertainment. Located in the core area of the charming 4A level Zhu Hai Scenic Spot, the perfect combination of mountain and river here forms the advantaged natural oxygen bar.  


200 meters to the west of Hu Fu Zhu Hai Park, Yixing