Wuxi impounded 28 kinds of OSI-related food in 47 outlets

Yesterday, Wuxi Health Bureau continued the screening to OSI Shanghai-related catering enterprises based on the interviews with their entrepreneurs. The investigation shows that 47 outlets of 5 enterprises (McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Papa John’s and Dicos) use OSI Shanghai’s problematic products in Wuxi. By 16:00 of July 23, the health supervision people impounded 28 kinds of problematic food, or 5773.65kg products, including 19 kinds offood of McDonalds, or 5,218.86kg. Dicos voluntarily disposed one kind of food, or 7.2kg (24 bags).

After clarifying the situation of problematic products, Wuxi Health Bureau will treat involved enterprises according to the law to avoid the further circulation of problematic food, and strengthen the supervision to catering companies and urge them to shoulder related responsibilities.