Wuxi Tourist Security Emergency Drill Launched

In the afternoon of April 26th, Liu Xia, the deputy mayor and drill commander-in-chief announced the beginning of Wuxi tourist security emergency drill on the Tortoise Head Isle when the relevant management work conference was held in Wuxi. Li Shihong, the deputy director of National Tourist Administration, Zhan Gengqing, the deputy director of Jiangsu Tourist Bureau, Tang Yukai and Zhang Qianshan, the deputy secretaries general of Wuxi municipal government and representatives are present.

It aims to exam the rationality, effectiveness and operability of the emergency plan, accidents precautionary measures, warning and instant handling ability of tourist agents, and enhance the emergency cooperation ability of the local relevant departments, by which the image of a tourist city can be maintained.

At 2:30 pm, the monitoring screen in the emergency commanding headquarter showed that the quantity of visitors was reaching its warning line, Changchun Bridge and Tortoise Head Wave were swarmed with people that the 2 entrances were blocked and tourist buses and private cars could not move. Measures including traffic and entrance control were taken, however, the number of visitors was increasing visitors reaching 80% of the maximum capacity. Receiving the report, the culture & tourist group, Binhu authority and Wuxi tourist bureau launched the plans respectively, such as stopping selling the tickets, issuing the announcement to the public, dredging and controlling the vehicles on the main roads.

At 3:30 pm, a Wuxi CITS bus crashed a city bus coming to its direction on its way to the park lot in Tortoise Head Isle scenic spot, and tourists on the tourist bus were hurt in varying degrees. The driver gave warning signal and called the police, and the tour guide led the tourists to the safe zone. Assisted by Wuxi CITS, rescue and comforting work was on the way immediately as the signal was received.

At 4 pm, Hengyun, a ship in Tortoise Head Isle scenic spot was on fire by Taihu wonderland islands, on which there were 50 tourists and 7 staff members. The captain called 12395, the on-water rescue number, and tried to save themselves. However, people fell into the water, a cabin exploded and rescue access was blocked. The local government launched 3-level emergency plan, a commanding headquarter was built on the spot and measure were taken to rescue tourists in the water, putting out the fire and transporting the wounded by helicopters.