2017 Wuxi Tour Week from 18th to 24th

To celebrate this 5.19 China Tourism Day, Wuxi will embark on its city tour week activities from May 18th to 24th, during which the total of 53 scenic spots in the city will open to citizens who are able to enjoy the preferential prices of tickets by showing their ID card, residence permit, or student’s card.

According to the preferential prices list, the Three Kingdoms & Water Margin City, Lingshan Resort, Plum Garden, Zoo and Li Garden offer almost half prices. 30 yuan which is less than 70% discount of the original price, 10 yuan, is available. Chargeable scenic spots such as Donglin Academy and Helv City Museum will be free. Changjing Street, Shangguan Yunzhu Memorial Hall and Xu Xiake Cultural Park will be free on May 19th and offer half prices for the rest of the week.

Different from before, the tour bus is the new element in this year with 5 yuan (15 yuan charged originally)during the days. From now on till June 2nd, citizens take the bus No. 1 for free by showing the one card pass for gardens. Besides, Yixing Yangxian Tea Museum, Yunvtan scenic spot and Tuanjiu provide more choices.