2 New Canal Ring Routes Presents over 100 Historic Relics in 2 Hours

Imagine sipping a cup of tea on the boat down the canal while appreciating the tender Jiangnan songs and the ancient style buildings along the river! It can be realized in On-water Tour. According to the information issued by Wuxi Jiangnan Canal Tour Company, the On-water Tour project offers 2 2-hour canal ring routes.

The Jiangnan canal, consisting of a Ring and a Nongtang, is the most beautiful part with most brilliant history and culture along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The so-called “Ring” refers to the ring canal surrounding the old city of Wuxi. The world-famous Grand Canal goes mostly in line and there is the only ring-shape part which creates a marvelous view. “Nongtang” is the Qingming Bridge part which is a window to appreciate the local life in Nongtang(an alley) on water and the traditional on-water culture. In order to exhibit the glamor of special beauty, over 100 historic relics are connected in the tour route so as to present an extravagant tour experience for visitors. Gu Huijian, the general manager of the Company, said that it is the best way to experience the life on water by boating through the canal while appreciating the local style architecture. On May 12th, the On-water Tour will welcome its debut and tourists will enjoy the 2 hours on the boat.

There are 2 routes, one starting from Kuatang Bridge or Nanchan Temple Wharf, and the other from Canal Part, which go by various natural and historical scenic spots including the Ring and Nongtang. As planned, the boat sails once in the day, once at night and twice in holidays. It is worth mentioning that traditional Chinese folk arts such as Pingtan or tea ceremony will be presented to visitors who are able enjoy the Jiangnan culture vividly.