8 Agricultural Towns in Wuxi

8 agricultural towns in Wuxi have been listed in provincial “12311” creative leisure agriculture brands development plan made by Jiangsu Agriculture Committee, including Donggang Chinese Yew Town, Yangshan Peach Town, Luoshe Liuci Industrial Town, Waxberry Town on Xuelang Street, Husai Huacai Town, Huangtu Grape Town, Zhangzhu Tea Culture Town and Hufu Oxygen Town.

The person in charge said that as a part of special towns project, the agricultural towns are is planed to cover an area of 3 to 5 square kilometers without limitation of administrative system. Those towns are to be characterized by specialties, innovation, traditional agricultural culture, improved eco-environment and economic benefit.

The construction of agricultural towns helps intensify the advantages of agricultural resources and promote the level of leisure agriculture. Xu Wenbo, the chief of Huangtu Grape Association, said that the town is the production base of fine grapes in China, however, its leisure agriculture is still confined to the primary forms such as farm entertainment or fruits picking with at present with visitors amounting to only 30 thousand per year. The town is planing to invest a lot into the development of Grape Town, including projects of walking zone in grape farm land, picking area, Huang Village experience zone, homestay health area, Huangshi Lake resort and on-water amusement park, which covers an area expanding from former 7000 mu to 23.5 thousand mu. It is expected that the volume of visitors will rise to as high as over 5 billion per year. Yixing Hufu Town will improve its agricultural and tourist industries depending on the ecological and industrial advantages of mountains of 110 thousand mu. Farm houses gathering zone, homestay inns and mountain-climbing path will be build to make it a slow-pace resort.

In Huishan district, the Shangtian Agriculture Park in Luoshe Town integrates a patch of farm land of 6000 mu, turning the former scattered grapes and rice planting and simple production-sale pattern into systematically cultivating grapes, rice, vegetables and fruits, which will be followed by projects inludcing Liuci industrial town, parent-children themed farm, bread-themed farm, beer-themed farm, aquaculture base, and grape planting and selling zone.