Limo Self-driving Camping Association Subordinate to Wuxi Tourism Association Established

In the era of mass tourism, limo self-driving camping is a new life style and industry presentation as well. On May 16th, 2017, meeting of establishing Limo Self-driving Camping Association subordinate to Wuxi Tourism Association was held in Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi, which was attended by over 30 leaders and representatives in the industry.

On the meeting, Liang Peigen, the chairman of Wuxi Huaye Limo Club, was voted as the president of the 1st council of the branch association.

Under the laws, regulations and policies, the association will represent and safeguard the common interests of self-driving, limos and camping industries in Wuxi, protect club members’ legal rights and interests, lead the industry reasonably and improve the quality of the whole industry.

Meanwhile, as the major sponsor, Huaye has reached a first-step strategic cooperation agreement with some related departments which will accelerate the pace of the development of the industry in Wuxi.