Tour Makes Better Life, A Series of Activities of 5.19 China Tourism Day

On the morning of May 19th, Tour Makes Better Life, a series of activities of the 5.19 China Tourism Day, was unveiled by Yixing Bureau of Tourist Gardens on Cultural Square in Yixing with over 20 participants presenting, including scenic spots, travel agencies, rural tourist areas, recommended departments, and star-level hotels.

There was hustle and bustle on the Square then. Display panel, brochures and information desks were prepared to promote the civilized tour in Yixing, the do’s and don’s in travel, and consumers’ right protection, which attracts crowds of citizens. Tourist companies offer discounts or coupons while promote their tour products. The issued tourist routes were welcomed, and workers in lovely Jingzilu and the Bears costume sold mountain water or gingko wine. Besides, hotels, scenic spots and rural tour departments also present various preferential measures as well. In this event, more than 10 thousand brochures are delivered and over thousand visitors asked for counsel. Yixing tourist resources were promoted to the public which aroused much interest and attention.

In addition, “tour + Transportation” platform was established by Yixing Tourist Center to offer better public bus and tour bus services. Its ticket booking system was put into trial operation on April 1st, and officially run on May 19th, which covers 8 scenic spots including Shanjuan Cave, Bamboo Sea, Zhanggong Cave, Tozu Resort, Porcelain Museum, Lingu Cave, Yunv Pool and Tea Museum. Free transportation directly from Golden Triangle Station or Yixing High-speed Rail Station to scenic spots is available for those who buy tickets for those spots.