2017 the 5th Flaglris Festival on Tortoise Head Isle, Taihu, Wuxi

The Taihu Lake is the necessary destination for visitors coming to Wuxi, and the Tortoise Head Isle for those coming to Tiahu. Every early summer, thousands plants of flaglris introduced into the garden burst into bloom. Those flowers, also named “love flower” and given to lovers as the token of love signifying “happy marriage”, make the isle a colorful Garden of Eden.

2017 the 5th Flaglris Festival on the Tortoise Head Isle, Taihu, Wuxi was officially started on May 20th, which actually has lasted from May 10th to June 15th. The ticket for the scenic spot which usually charges 105 yuan was only sold at 30 yuan during the period from May 18th to May 24th in order to celebrate the China Tourism Day.

During the festival, splendid programs are present including matchmaking, valentines’ date, BBQ, lawn concert, Qipao show, love photos show.

Matchmaking: from May 20th to 21st, with the love message of flaglris as the theme, the festival attracts participants to sing, to interact with each other in various forms in order to make successful match.

Valentines’ Date: on May 20th, first-class services are offered to lovers by Yuanben Caowan in Valentine Valley.

BBQ: from May 20th to 21st, and 28th to 30th, Baogelin Food Bar will bring your a feast.

Lawn Concert: from May 28th ro 30th, unfamed singers will be invited to bring you inner world comfort.

Qipao Show: on May 21st, Flourishing, a Qipao Show, co-organized by Wuxi Qipao Association, will be presented to the public. Ladies, holding a bunch of flaglris in the unique Chinese cultural and natural scenery, demonstrating health, elegance and traditional Jiangnan beauty.

Love Photos Show: TOUCH, a local photo workshop, will provide custom-made shooting plan for new couples in opera style.