Wuxi Took the Third Position among Top 10 Tourist Destinations

In the “Favorite Tourist Destinations for Netizens” list just issued on the official blog of Wuxi Tourist Bureau after selection lasting for half a month, 30 destinations including Tonglv County, Zhejiang Province, stood out among 104 candidates. The title will be a brand new name card for those rural, leisure or whole-area tourist destinations. Wuxi took the third position among the top 10 with the advantages of being located by the lake which makes the city a scenery of streams, willows, and boats under stone arch bridges.

Wuxi is a nice place. It is said that the success of Wuxi being listed coincides with the goal of building the city into a model city for leisure tour. With the concept of Wuxi, a Pearl in Taihu, the city has been endeavored to establish a tour brand system with leisure enjoyment products as the support and the city brand as the guide. Weekend tour products are developed and promoted, and preferential prices are offered. Hot spots are emerging including Huangtai Route Hiking, Yixing Clay Teapot Making Tour and Hongshan Grapes Picking.

Boasting of abundant natural tour resources, deep culture and long history, the city in the north of the Yangtze River offers plenty of choices: flowers ---- plum blossom in Plum Garden, Peach flowers in Yangshan and Li Garden, sakuras in the Tortoise Head Isle and Jinkui Garden, azaleas and peonies in Xihui, lavenders in Xuelang Mount., and magnolia flowers in the whole city, lake ---- the extensive Taihu Lake view against the background of dark mountains, specialties ---- fresh tea, green Tuanzi, lake food, crabs, and newly brewed yellow rice wine, and homestay inns ----Nianhua Bay in Lingshan town, Yixing Fence Garden and Dnagkou Shangyuan.