Wuxi Limo Tour and Food Festival in the Nanchan Temple

The scenic spot of Qingmin Bridge ancient canal has won its fame due to the buzzing businesses along the thousand-year old canal. The Nanchan Temple has been one of the most prestigious temples in southern China, and Nanchan Temple Cultural Mall, a comprehensive cultural market of 120,000 Sq.m. was built by the temple. The north part of the complex is antique buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties style, while the south part in Song dynasty style. In the mall, the Miaoguang street is named as Tourist Street, a 4A scenic spot. With its historical and cultural heritages and nice leisure and business atmosphere, the Nanchan Temple is given the opportunity to hold the 1st Limo Tour and Food Festival which will entertain you with various elements such limos, beauties, music and food.

Sponsored by Jiangsu Nanchan Temple Enterprise Management Development Limited, the festival will last from May 26th to June 4th where you are provided with tasty food from all over the world, and the concept of limo tour as well due to the support of LY. Com, Shanghai International Self-driving and Limo Camping Expo Committee and its Wuxi branch. Senworld Musical Instrument makes an upsurge with the Sen Bend’s pop music performance. Limo, music and food turns it a brand new food festival.