First Direct Charted Flight from Wuxi to Hanoi

On June 16th, the first direct charted flight from Wuxi to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, which was organized by Wuxi CTS and carried out by Vietnam Jetstar Pacific Airlines. The airbus A320 goes to Hanoi, Ha Long Bay and Ninh Binh every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

In the past, Wuxi locals have to fly 3 hours to Nanjing, Guangxi province from Wuxi or Shanghai, and then spend another 3 hours at Dongxing Port of Entry dealing with exit procedure to Moncay. With lower price, the whole trip is exhausting with over 20 hour on bus. Now tourists in Wuxi fly only about 3 hours to Hanoi which is more convenient and time-saving. The north Vietnam route promoted by Wuxi CTS offers no-shopping trip and the natural scenery and historic relics make it one of the best choices for families in summer.