43 Days without Darkness in Liangxi, Wuxi

Liangxi District, Wuxi, has received 9.58 million tourists with the year-on-year growth of 18.7% in the first half year and would work even harder in the coming 6 months. In the morning of July 31st, the press conference of “2017 Wuxi • Liangxi • Jiangnan Ancient Canal International Night Festival” was convened to deliver the message that the 43-day festival would officially start in the evening of August 4th and close on September 15th, during which 10 themed activities and over 100 sub-items would be offered to make it another brand among numerous tourist products of whole-area tour and canal culture and night tour.

It was said that this festival would be themed with “Canal Praise ---- Chanting Ashore” presented in the form of “Songs of Canal”, “Poetry of Canal” and “Dances of Canal”. performances and activities make the canal culture a local focus again by presenting its beauty and elegance.

Zhang Qi, the deputy warden of Liangxi District, said that the festival will be a special whole-area show for the people characterized by the mixture of culture and business, and combination of industries. It is a feast of cultures and arts all over the world at all times, offering the glamour of local culture and art, which is also a great step to mix the local culture, business and tourism of Liangxi District, making the whole-tour in the district more attractive.