Canal Feast

On July 31th, a piece of news was jointly issued by Wuxi Tourist administration, Liangxi District government and Liangxi Tourist Administration that the 43-day “2017 Wuxi • Liangxi • Jiangnan Ancient Canal International Night Festival” would officially start in the evening of August 4th and close on September 15th, during which 10 themed activities and over 100 sub-items would be offered to make it another brand among numerous tourist products of whole-area tour and canal culture and night tour.

The festival would be themed with “Canal Praise ---- Chanting Ashore” presented in the forms of “Songs of Canal”, “Poetry of Canal” and “Dances of Canal”. performances and activities make the canal culture a local focus again by presenting its beauty and elegance. On the opening ceremony, a praise of Chinese and foreign cultures, Madam Qian Lin, a famed local singer, Wuxi Children’s Palace choir and famous foreign art troupes are invited to offer a feast of cultures with songs, poetry and dances on Qingmin Bridge Square, while the closing ceremony will be a splendid performance of canal songs. All the local citizens are encouraged to join the party, and brilliant performances will be selected and shown, which reflect the unique culture, arts and beauty of the canal city. The festival will be a special whole-area show for the people characterized by the mixture of culture and business, and combination of industries.