Walking Summer Trip of Museums, Cool Places of Knowledge

Cool museums are nice choices for children to escape from the burning summer and expand their knowledge. Let’s enjoy a fantastic trip of museums in this summer!

Helv City Relic Museum

The whole exhibition area consists of 5 parts: Exploration into Ancient Wu, Passing the Flame, Heroic Stories in Helv City and Wu History. The history of ancient Wu country, the archaeological work of Helv city and its present preservation condition and Wu country in Spring and Autumn period are displayed by history introduction, antiques exhibition, 3D films and multimedia interaction.

It is interesting and meaningful to accompany your children to spend a whole day in exploring the local legend and history in the museum.

Buddhist Culture Museum of Lingshan Buddhist Temple

There are over 100 items displayed including jade sculptures, stone sculptures, copper and bronze ware, porcelain, pottery, lacquerware, poker works and cloisonn. Buddhism and arts enhance each other’s beauty, offering a fascinating cultural visual feast which is an opportunity to improve children’s beauty-appreciation ability.

Shuaiyuan Purple Clay Teapot Museum in Nianhua Bay

Purple Clay Teapot Museum is a good place for Yixing teapot fans to visit, for there are hundreds of masterpieces of different ages and styles which shows their special glamour and amazing craft, such as square teapot, lotus seed teapot, birthday peach teapot or stump teapot.

Those exquisite works bring visitors back to their time, and it would be a wonderful experience.