Redecoration of Mashan Give a Surprise to Visitors

It is easily found that the image of Mashan have changed a lot, covered with a more beautiful face:  from Shili Pearl at Lvjiang River entrance to the west and east roads around the mountain, plants such as photinia fraseris, malus halliana, or other seasonal flowers grow at the two sides of the main roads, and various trees cast shadows on roads and public places to make delightful views. The improvement of green landscape makes Mashan a place more pleasant and cozy.

Old Ding, living in Guzhu, grinned and said, “I’ve always hoped that it would be great to have a nice place, like the wetland park nearby one of my relatives’ house, to take a walk. Now we also have a patch of lawn of over 10 thousand sq. m. where there are paved paths and benches which you can sit down and have a rest.”

1.5 km away from Lingshan scenic spot, Guzhu interchange island which is under the Guzhu Bridge, is the only way which must be passed for Lingshan visitors. On the rebuilt island, there are new paths through trees and rest zones. White statues are revealed their true color after cleaning, adding more beauty for the open space.

Eastern Fairyland at Qianbo Bridge is one of the main entrances to Lingshan Buddhist sacred place. In the redecoration, newly added plants in form of lotus petals under the lotus fairy at the core of the trimmed lawn create a more vivid and pleasant view, reminding the visitors to Lingshan and Nianhua Bay of the coming splendid scene.