“Leisure Tour in Wuxi Villages” ---- 2017 Wuxi Tourism Promotion Meeting in 5 Cities

In order to promote the activity, “Locals Travelling in Jiangsu”, and weekend tour products, officers of tourist bureau of cities including Jiangying and Yixing, and districts including Xishan, Huishan and Binhu, marketers from scenic spots including Nianhua Bay, Dangkou Ancient Town, Jiangyin Zhaoyang Valley, Gushan Red Bean Village, Bicycle Park on Yixing Longchi Mount.and Fence Park, and hotels such as Jiuyue Muxin Village Hotel, OstligtJarna and Yinju Hotel, totaling over 20 people have been organized by Wuxi tourist administration to promote their tourist products in 5 cities, Hefei, Zhenjiang, Changshu, Zhangjiagang and Shanghai by launching Wuxi Tourism promotion meeting “Leisure Tour in Wuxi Villages”. Yang Jianguo, the deputy director of Wuxi tourist administration, Huang Zhen, the vice researcher and officers in charge from tourist administrations of 5 cities, and representatives of travel agencies and media were present.

The promotion meeting was unveiled by The Beautiful Tai Lake, at which videos and pictures were used to illustrate the village tour products, so as to show the abundant village tour resources and advantages in Wuxi and achievements of whole-area and village tour development.