Cultural and Creative Stationery in Donglin School

On August 26th, 16 primary school freshmen-to-be took part in a traditional school-entrance ceremony with their parents at Donglin School, after which exercise books, Confucian scholar and student stickers, and rulers with celebrated dicta printed on were given to children as presents. It is meaningful to have visitors take the school culture born by those cultural and creative products.

As a provincial patriotism education base and national AAAA scenic spot, Donglin School is one of the namecards for Wuxi, enjoying high reputation in educational circles. The issue is how to attract more visitors to realize its tourist function. Rong Junyan, the manager of the school, customized cultural and creative products for the school early this year, for it is necessary to extend the school culture by making some souvenirs favored by tourists. Stationery is the best choice since most visitors are teenagers according to a survey.

It is common to pick some souvenirs at scenic spots as presents for families or friends. The scenic spots used to offer almost the same souvenirs like cowboy hats, oiled paper umbrellas, crystal bracelets or local-style shawls. As cultural and creative products such as those sold in the Forbidden City have won lots of popularity, more attention is cast at those products’ cultural connotation. According to Pu Yuting, the manager of school cultural and creative products project, the project offers local-style souvenirs and cooperates with cultural scenic spots in surrounding cities inluding Suzhou and Changzhou as well.