True Quality of a Tour Guide Shown in Disaster

Some say that tour guide is the name card; some say that they are cultural ambassadors. Actually, the title stands for a sort of responsibility and obligation. Zhang Jie is one of tour guides who prove their value by implementing the concept of tourist first.

At 9: 19 pm on August 8th, 2017, when Zhang Jie, a tour guide of Jiangyin CTS, led 36 tourist to watch the show of Thousand of Years of Love for Jiuzhaigou Valley and the other 5 had a rest in the hotel, the earth shook and the roof waggled violently. The dome of the hall collapsed and the world was threw into the darkness before the audience come to their sense. Earthquake!

Everything is in the chaos. People shocked, yelling or at a loss, Zhang Jie forgot everyone but her tourists ---- where are they? She gathered them together using her phone flashlight, ushered them out hand in hand who were assemble at the open parking lot. Having made sure that all her tourists were safe, Zhang made contact with the hotel and the 5 tourists in the hotel who waited for the tour bus in the open space outside the hotel with the help of hotel employers. Then she reported the situation to the travel agency which made arrangement for the withdrawal afterwards. Since earthquake is usually followed by the traffic tie-up which brings about the short of water and food, she bought some in the nearby shop immediately for every tourist, and then let them to join the other 5. in case of the aftershock, Zhang was awake through the whole night by the bus.

Being calm and responsible when the disaster came, Zhang Jie showed the quality of a qualified tour guide and the spirit of “Tourist first the sincerest services”. and she will offer better services in the future.