Storm of Water Margin Stories

It is time to travel around in the cool autumn days when the heady fragrance of  laurel blossoms is wafted through the fresh air.  CCTV Wuxi Film Base will present an autumn cultural experience event themed with “Water Margin Stories” from September 16th to October 28th, when Glory of Water Margin, Gao Qiu Kicking Balls and Song Poems Competition will attract tourists.

Glory of Water Margin at 2 pm everyday during the National Holiday (Sep. 29th --- Oct. 8th) is a show of defending the glory of our country. You can see the Emperor of Song Dynasty confronting Tatars leading the heroes of Liang Mount., Lin Chong’ masksmanship and exciting horse riding show.

Rounds of Gao Qiu Kicking Balls activities enables tourists to join the games and showoff their skills, or even win awards.

Song Poems Competition welcome visitors from all over the world every weekend during the event in Water Margin City, where visitors appreciate the beauty and charm of Song poems, or even challenge the winner on arena.

Chinese Civilization in Song Dynasty allows students to experience the traditional culture in Song imperial palace who can learn much about the six classical arts, customs, try the calligraphy of Slender Gold by Zhao Ji, one of Emperors of Song Dynasty and movable type printing.

Let’s go to Water Margin City, watch Stories of Water Margin, experience the life in Song Dynasty and have fun!