100,000 Sunflowers Start Li Garden Sunflower Exhibition

The 4th Li Garden Sunflower Exhibition is unveiled today where 30% of the flowers are blooming and they will come to their prosperity from next Monday to the National Day. It is time to appreciate the flowers in parks or scenic spots in the cool weather.

From today to October 20th, the Li Garden will be filled with a series of autumn views, golden sunflowers, pampasgrasses dancing in the wind, tranquil lake, splendid flowers and twittering parrots. According to the officer in charge, there are 100,000 sunflowers displayed in the area of 5000 sq.m. A patch of lawn is trimmed at the west side of green house, and in addition to the traditional Fu Yang, new varieties are introduced into the garden, such as Joyful Day, Black Swan and Dark Lemon. Landmarks in Jiangsu Courtyard Landscape Exhibition will be left till this autumn, decorated with golden sunflowers full of autumn color. Halls and pavilions are yellow, like the palace in the fairy tale.

What’s more, there are performances to please visitors. From September 23rd to October 19th, 3 parrot performances (4 in holidays) are offered by parrots of different varieties and each lasts for about 25 minutes. Birds play basketball, pick rubbish, ride bicycle, pick fruits in the sky, skate, swing, jump through hoops, and interact with visitors.

It is said that master gardeners will be invited to give lectures on family gardening and plants maintenance, including the cultivation of succulent plants, perennial flowers, colored foliage plants, allocation and selection of planting soil, greenhouse potting and repotting, watering and water controlling, fertilizer and fertilizing, trimming and pruning, air humidity and ventilation,  diseases and insect pests prevention and control. Families are encouraged to join the activities and bring back home a pot of plant.