Overlook Wuxi from the Sky

Wuxi Binhu Low-altitude Tourist Project and Taihu Flight Club launch the opening ceremony in Xuelang Mountain scenic spot. “Fly in the sky” would be an unmissable and cool experience for tourists.

On the spot, tourists are on their first try at Highfly base in Xuelang Mountain scenic spot. As the helicopter rising in the air, green waves of the Taihu Lake roll and stretch before their eyes, and so do the idyllic and prosperous urban sceneries, such as the Changguangxi Wetland Park, the Tortoise Head Isle, the Three Kingdom and Water Margin Cities.

The Taihu Flight Club offers Robinson R44, Rolls-Royce in helicopters, which has glass windows of 180 degree view and flies steadily. So far, two routes are provided to tourists, “Mountains and Lakes in Wuxi” and “Buddhist Tour”. the former lasts for about 12 mins, going by Huallywood, Li Lake, Plum Garden, Tortoise Head Isle, Three Kingdom and Water Margin Cities, and the latter for about 25 mins, going by Lingshan Buddha, 18 Bays and Li Lake.

It is said that helicopter sightseeing tour is popular in U.S., Japan and Hongkong, etc. With the improvement of our living standard and allowance of low-attitude flight in China, helicopter tour brings new experience of seeing the world from a different angle, which will lead a new trend in domestic tourism.