The 1st Jiangsu Vegetarian Culture Expo in Wuxi

On Oct. 8th and 9th, the 1st Jiangsu Buddhist Vegetarian Culture Expo was held in Lingshan, Wuxi, which was attended by  Li Guohua, the vice minister of United Front Work Department of Jiangsu provincial Party Committee and director of provincial Religion Bureau and Chen Derong and Liu Xia, leaders of Wuxi.

In order to promote the vegetarian culture and healthy life style, the Expo offered activities such as cooking competition, vegetarian food show, book fair, lectures on vegetarian food and health, forum on vegetarian food, by which the food culture in Wuxi is enriched and its reputation enhanced. Restaurants and temples including Nanjing Qixia Temple, Wuxi Xiangfu Temple, Changzhou Tianning Temple, Suzhou Hanshan Temple, Zhenjiang Jinshan Temple participated the cooking competition and vegetarian food show. Experts are invited to give lectures on vegetarian food and health including Tian Yongsheng, the post-doctor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and professor of Jiaying Academy, Jiang Jingsong, the assistant-professor of School of Science, Technology and Society, Tsinghua University, and Liu Huadong, the head of Maintaining Health Using Chinese Medicine Sect, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.