Huishan Clay Figurines: from Clay Bowl to Golden one

In the Huili community on Shanbei Street, there is an ordinary apartment known as a small workshop, “Baishun Clay Figurine Workshop”, for which Hua Boshun and his wife Yuan Suying have been working for years. Qualified materials, exquisite crafts and their honesty have brought them fame and popularity in the circle. Their products, Huishan Figurines, have been sold on Taobao. Being proud of his shop, Hua said, “My shop is three-diamond with 100% reputation.” relying on the crafts inherited from his forefathers, Hua and his wife afforded the university tuition for their daughter without asking help from the government.

With the requirements and taste of customers changing a lot in those years, traditional artware such as Huishan Figurine, are faced with huge challenges. According to Hua, since traditional figurines are not favored by youngster any more, innovation is needed to promote this art, and “business starting and innovation” advocated by the government inspires him a lot. In those years, new products have been worked out to make the clay bowl into golden one. Last year, his “Harmony Brings Wealth” won the silver prize in provincial competition. Meanwhile, Hua is trying to make those traditional decorators more practical in real life.

Sense of achievement comes not only from  the orders on line, but also from the supports by the government and society. In May, 2014, when the former leaders of Beitang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau paid a visit to those families starting their own businesses, they offered help Hua in issuing his business license as soon as they were informed that Hua had run his workshop without it. In 2015, with the support of Shanbei Street Office, Hua successfully apply for a subsidy for entrepreneurship. He said, “I knew nothing about the government, but now officers and leaders of Community, Street Office and even District government have helped me a lot.”