First Life Aesthetics Hotel in Wuxi

On Nanchang Street in the morning, spacious and pleasant, there is an empty old house, Mo families’ former residence, with its gate opened slightly. On the roof are there rafters and tiles; beneath the feet, stone steps and mosses. “If yards are human beings who have their own personalities and spirits, they are profound, plain and silent.” says Lv Shaocang, the designer of dozens of hotels. Having visited Mo house, he feels that in the coming era of small but pretty and emotion-provoking hotels, only the real plain and life-providing aesthetic hotels can create values.

In recent years, more and more Chinese have booked inns or homestays, among who 80% would like to choose a place of slow life pace, high quality and taste. The huge demand reflects the fact that people prefer the special experience brought by non-standard accommodations more than Express inns or star-hotels, most of which are in villages or scenic spots. According to Liangxi Tourist Administration, Oriental Solitude, an exquisite homestay characterized by beauty of urban life will be completed on the site of Mo house at the end of this month.

The old house is rebuilt and turned into a new hotel offering guest rooms, catering, friends-meeting, cultural creation and hand-making experience. The first rule of reconstruction is maintaining the old style. In accordance with Lv, the ancient building structure is restored in terms of the space layout ---- rooms, halls, corridors and wells are well arranged to create a series of views, and the original functions of the yard return, which will provide a fine living experience.

Its operation pattern is crowd-funding, the most popular one nowadays. 3.60 million yuan was collected in two weeks after the news had been issued on the famous crowd-funding platform. 20-30% of the fund came from Wuxi, since the locals had a dream of original home, and investors were optimistic about the cultural tour projects on Nanchang Street.