"Wuxi gift touring" out of Jiangsu walk to the world

Every holiday, Qingmingqiao historic andcultural blocks bustling, colorful shops are lingering, one of which is full ofstrong flavor of Wuxi, attracted the attention of tourists. The shop layoutZhuozhan elegant, Yixing "five-color Zisha tea Cup", Huishan clayfigurines "blessing unicorn", Taihu Pearl "Mood for Love",Jiangnan silk "Zodiac," Red Bean Jewelry, Yangshan wild walnutbracelet, Yuantouzhu centenary silk mouse, "I learned Wuxi dialect"postcards ... Not only the foreign guests are fond of them, but also the localpeople like these very much. They couldn't help to stop and have a look. Thisis located at No. 410 Nanchang Street in Wuxi City, the first urban culturalproducts for tourists and creative platform - "Wuxi Gift touring" acity living room.

Seal the understanding and memory ofWuxi

The "Wuxi Gift Touring" debutedin February this year was co-founded by the Municipal Bureau of Tourism and the"Bustling Cultural Creation and Creation" of Jiangdu Design andCommunication Agency. It covers an area of nearly 400 square meters and isdivided into a tourism product special sales area, a living room display areaand an interactive exchange area , Fully display 16 types of nearly 400 kindsof tourism products including 16 types of nearly 16 kinds of traveling goodssuch as purple celadon, pearl clay man, fashion silk, art stationery andnon-old-fashioned, country-specific products, bamboo handicrafts, livingfurnishings, etc. Meanwhile, 200 kinds of tourism and cultural creation works,is the first start of Wuxi tourism product chain exhibition platform pilot.

Speaking of cultural and creativeproducts, the Beijing PalaceMuseumfocus onselling cute products which almost no one does not know its products, from the pearlearphones to the "Zhengda Guangming" charger, from the "licensetravel" luggage tag to "I miss you" folding fan, a year salescan get one billion yuan. "The stones from other hills can be jade, andWuxi can also create a unique brand of urban cultural tourism." Theresponsible person of "Bustling Cultural Creation" said that sincethe rise of tourism cultural and creative products, it has left a lot ofimpressions in Wuxi. As an image, it is the best interpretation of urbanculture. As a gift, it is the most beautiful memorial and memory in thejourney. "Therefore, we store our understanding and memory of the city inthe "Wuxi Gift Touring"of theliving room.

"Wuxi Wu distinctive culturalcharacteristics, rich in content, full of fresh and attractive for tourists.Therefore, inspiration coming from Wuxi dialect "Bai Xiang" series and "Saga"series of cultural and creative products, such as pillows, handbags, bookmarksand others become "Wuxi Gift Touring" ring powder "weapon."

"Bai Xiang", which means"play", the Jiangnan scenery with the image of Ah Fu A Xi isisomorphic, innocent; Saga, meaning "what" to express the networkface expression package as a creative point, Echo, full of fun. Tea set on thebasis of Wuxi, Jiangnan charm with the creation of exquisite tea is also apopular hand gift of tourist choice. Miss Li, a tourist from Shenyang after along tour around the "Wuxi Gift Touring" said that these creative "specialty productsin Wuxi" not only contain traditional culture but also conform to modernaesthetic. "Just as my impression of Wuxi, Soft and graceful, there is nolack of vigorous vitality of the modern city, sharing them with family andfriends, just like sharing my memory in Wuxi.

Launched a new campaignof cultural and creative city brand

In May of this year, "Wuxi GiftTouring" appeared in Jiangsu Development Conference, displaying Wuxi'sheritage products, urban cultural and creative products based tourism specialtygoods, "Heaven" Ti Liang pot, "Heart Sutra" copied by aseries of sets attracted guests' interesting; after this "Wuxi Gifttouring" one after another "Wuxi Gift touring" appears inTianjin Travel Fair and Hangzhou off Fair, launched a variety of brand namedWuxi specialty products, attracting many tourists stop and look, and insidersof this occupation praised, Wuxi gift touring products no longer Limited to the souvenir model, but theinnovative products relying on the traditional elements of the development ofrich cultural heritage, which leading a wave of innovation. On October 11,"Wuxi Gift touring" as the city's tourism development conference ofcultural and creative products demonstration party, displayed in the Wuxi CityHall Fu Xi series, Yuantouzhu series, a series of fish, ancient town series andother products, drawing much attention from all aspects of the society.

As the operating platform of"Wuxi Gift touring", "XiRang Wenchuang" has been targeting the emergingtourism market in China since 2014, devoted to exploring the significance ofclassical culture, retranslating and spreading symbols of geo-culture, creatingmore than a thousand original features Tourism and cultural products, franchisestores and franchise stores will go to Yuantouzhu Scenic Area, a beautifuljourney memories has been made from dangkou old town for every tourist. Today, "Yuntouzhu - bustlingtourism cultural and creative products franchise stores," after threeyears brand building, effectively led the scenic secondary consumption, salesincreased at an annual rate of 30%. Yuantouzhu series incense sticks, coasters,ornaments, scarves and other products are taken by tourists at home and abroadin all directions, to enhance the reputation of Taihu Lake Yuantouzhu made a greatcontribution for his reputation.

Let "the Wuxi a little bit sweet" opento the world

At the moment, "Xi Rang Wen Chuang"also aimed at the city market gap to launch China's first real sense of  city-creation brand movement--united manywell-known scenic spots, old and new enterprises, the representative of thenon-genetic, to establish the "Wuxi a little bit Sweet" City projectunion, Developing and designing a series of old and new products and cityfeatures with hand ceremony. Let the sweet scenery, sweet diet, sweet feelingsof Wuxi out of Jiangsu,openning to the world. At present, the project hasmembers Yu Qi yellow wine, the real LAOLU manuscript, Mashan Milk, YuantouzhuScenic Area, the Dangkou old town, and so on. Nearly 20 well-known enterprisesmembers in Wuxi have joined. On October 12, the seventh session of the WuxiMunicipal Fair opening, the pink department Meng Meng's "Wuxi a little bitSweet" pavilion became the focus of the whole court, the topics are"one word", "double happiness", "Sanbao","eight famous scenery" the city create products to draw the  people's attetion countless. Printed with"Fiau Fan", "Xian", "He Tiao", "Fo Ai"and other dialects of the canvas bag, T-shirt makes "foreigner"fascinated, big head Fu Xi Pillow, Fu Xi wall painting, Fu Xi Lollipop, etc.are very popular to people.

The six major elements of tourism, eating has aquantity, living has  limited-room, themovement has a stop, the tour has boundary, the entertainment has extremely, oris confined by the time, or is detained in the region, or is exhausted by theenergy, only "buying" jumps out the time and space, has theconsiderable plasticity and expanding space. In 2016, China's domestic tourismnumber is more than 4.4 billion people, followed by the tourism commodityconsumption is the geometric level of growth. Tourism products have become thefourth driving carriage after transportation, lodging and catering, which willpromote the development of the tourism industry. Wuxi Tourism bureau officialssaid it is not only the demand of tourism product supply side reform, but alsothe inevitable choice to meet tourists ' consumption demand and thetransformation and upgrading of tourism industry, and to enlarge and strengthenthe tourism commodity consumption, which is a great potential of the touristmarket, and the travel enterprises have to plan more and better products. Leada new way of life with creative ideas. ”