Wuxi Tourism Administration Organized Training of Operation of National Tourism Supervision and Service Platform

On November 29th, 2017, Wuxi Tourism Administration held specialized training of operation of National Tourism Supervision and Service Platform in the conference hall in Building 13# in Civic Center. Technique developers were invited to give instruction. Staff of relevant departments of Wuxi Tourism Bureau and Tourism Supervision Branch, and 114 managers from the local travel agencies participated the training. Liu Yonghong, the deputy chief of Wuxi Tourism Bureau, attended the convention and put forward requirements of the further utilization of the platform.

In order to carry out the relevant spirits of streamlining administration and institute decentralization, and realize unified supervision of national tour market, the platform was developed so as to facilitate the development of whole-region tour by reinforcing the decentralization, improving the effective management and enhancing the service quality. It consists of agency qualification management, team management, guide management, electronic contract management, law enforcement management, case management, complaint answering, and right management.

After the training, the travel agencies will log in the system and complete their basic information. It is planned to be put into practice in 2018.